The paid or ordered items are delivered within one to three working days after the item is paid if the item is on the spot in our shop. If the item is not on-the-spot (in warehouse), the delivery time shall be two to five working days after payment of the item. Property rights to Item shall be transferred to the Buyer at the time of receipt of the Item and Invoice-waybill.

If the Seller cannot execute the contract because the Item ordered by the Buyer is not available for some reason, then let us inform the Buyer. In such a case, the Seller may offer to the Buyer an equivalent item at an equivalent price, or the Buyer, at his or her choice, is reimbursed all his contribution if he or she has made one.

Supply in the territory of Latvia – free.

Supply tariff in the territory of the Baltic States: EUR 20 (4 pieces tyres or discs).

You can also receive items on the spot in our service without a shipping charge.

After purchasing the goods, save all the packaging items, goods and purchase documentation, as well as any other accessories that come with the product, otherwise there may be problems with satisfying the warranty requirements, as well as restrictions on the exercise of the right of withdrawal.