Terms of purchase and distance contract


1. General provisions

1.1. Buyer: a natural person capable of action who is considered to be a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Rights Protection Law.

1.2. Seller: VALTEG Ltd, Reg. no. 41203033715, registered office: Talsimunicipality., Talsi, AndrejaPumpurastreet 8-24, LV-3201.

1.3. These rules apply only to consumers who purchase goods for personal use.

1.4. The buyer is not entitled to order the goods if he or she has not met these Regulations or does not agree with these terms and conditions. If the Buyer draws up and approves the Order, the Buyer shall be deemed to have met these terms and undertake to comply with it.

2. Ordering goods

2.1. The characteristics, specifications and prices of the Seller’s items are listed in the selection window for each of the relevant items on the website www.talsuriepas.lv. An order can be made at any time of the day using the www.talsuriepas.lv website.

2.2. Prices of goods are indicated in Euro at the rate of VAT in Latvia. Items are sold to the Buyer at prices that are valid when the order is made.

2.3. The assortment of goods and prices may be changed without prior notification. The changes take effect from the date of their publication on the www.talsuriepas.lv website and apply to Item Orders made following the publication of the changes on the site.

2.4. The seller is not responsible for the decision taken by the purchaser to purchase Goods based on the images and these images are of a purely informative nature.

2.5. To Perform an Order:

2.5.1. the “Add to Basket” button must be pressed on the item of interest.

2.5.2. to order the selected item, press on the purchasing basket icon at the top of the right, which displays information about the contents of the Buyer Procurement basket.

2.5.3. to complete the order, you must fill in the requested information about Buyer, select the type of delivery.

2.5.4. if you have changed your mind about purchasing the item, press the shopping basket icon at the top of the right, and then press the cross on the left side to close the product window.

2.5.5. An order for a distance contract is considered to have been received and completed when the Buyer has made the order payment via the Internet.

2.6. When ordering the items, you will be approved for the specified e-mail and we will contact you to specify the item’s availability, order, delivery, and payment details according to the information provided. Information on the processing of personal data is provided in our Privacy Policy.

2.7. Choosing to pay through our home page concludes a distance contract for purchasing goods that is binding on the consumer when the “pay” button is pressed and if all scheduled pay steps are executed.

3. Payment of the goods

3.1. When ordering and paying the ordered goods, the Buyer has entered into a distance agreement with the Seller. Prepayment must be made before the goods are delivered.

3.2. After you specify the item parameters you want to order, you can choose the type of payment and the type of delivery. The cost of delivery is indicated and may be applied in addition to the price of the goods.

3.3. You can pay the order with a transfer before the items are delivered according to the advance invoice. On-site payment of cash, card and transfer can be made in the tyre service (shop).

3.4. The commissioning party shall be responsible for any additional costs that may be related to the selected payment method.

4. Supply of goods

4.1. The paid or ordered items are delivered within one to three working days after the item is paid if the item is on the spot in our shop. If the item is not on-the-spot (in warehouse), the delivery time shall be two to five working days after payment of the item. Property rights to Item shall be transferred to the Buyer at the time of receipt of the Item and Invoice-waybill.

4.2. If the Seller cannot execute the contract because the Item ordered by the Buyer is not available for some reason, then let us inform the Buyer. In such a case, the Seller may offer to the Buyer an equivalent item at an equivalent price, or the Buyer, at his or her choice, is reimbursed all his contribution if he or she has made one.

4.3. Supply in the territory of Latvia – free.

4.4. Supply tariff in the territory of the Baltic States: EUR 20 (4 piecestyres or discs).

4.5. You can also receive items on the spot in our service without a shipping charge.

4.6. After purchasing the goods, save all the packaging items, goods and purchase documentation, as well as any other accessories that come with the product, otherwise there may be problems with satisfying the warranty requirements, as well as restrictions on the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

5. Goods Guarantee

5.1. The manufacturer’s warranty for the purchased goods shall be valid for 2 years after the purchase has been made, presenting a purchase document (cheque or bill of lading). Other goods may be covered by other warranty and limitation rules.

5.2. The warranty for motor tyres shall not apply in the following cases:

5.2.1. Tyres form normal wear;

5.2.2. tyres have defects caused by inadequate tyre pressure;

5.2.3. uneven wear of tyres resulting from incorrect rolling or damaged rolling parts;

5.2.4. mechanical or road-related defects have occurred;

5.2.5. damage caused by poor assembly has occurred;

5.2.6. the tyres have been used in driving modes similar to those used by road or by road.

5.3. In the case of a non-quality product, you have the right to swap it for a good quality product. If the guarantee is applied, you will be offered an equivalent product (same or equivalent model).

5.4. The buyer’s claims regarding the quality of the goods purchased will be addressed in accordance with 01.08.2006 Cabinet Regulation No. 631, Procedures by which the consumer’s claim regarding the requirements of goods or services which do not conform to the terms of the contract shall be applied for and examined.

6. Right of withdrawal

6.1. There may be different situations, such as:

  • you are wrong with the parameters, so the item will not be used.
  • have changed your mind in favor of another product model.
  • you’ve changed your mind about a purchase at all, or any other reason.

6.2. The following right of withdrawal applies only to the purchase of goods purchased on the www.talsuriepas.lv website.

You have the option of waiving the purchase agreement and purchased goods within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods.

6.3. If the expiry of the period falls into the country on a “officially” holiday period, the right of withdrawal shall be exercised until the date of expiry of that period following the working day (including that).

6.4. The requirements of the Standard Consumer Rights Protection Law apply to claims for goods that you purchase and pay on-the-spot.

7. How can I give up the item?

7.1. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, it is necessary to complete our withdrawal request form. The withdrawal questionnaire will be sent together with the purchase. You may use a model of this withdrawal form, but it is optional if the refusal contains all the information on the form.

7.2. After completing the withdrawal form, you need to contact us by sending the completed withdrawal form within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods to the email address: info@talsuriepas.lv or by mail to VALTEG Ltd. 69 Kr. Valdemara, Talsi. The right of withdrawal will not be implemented if within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods the withdrawal form is not sent and received in the way mentionedabove.

7.3. After completing the withdrawal form, the item must be delivered to our shop at the address: K.Valdemara Street 69, Talsi municipality., Talsi. The items will be checked, and the results of the verification will be provided using the email address on the withdrawal form.

7.4. The returned goods must be unused: neither the discs nor the tyres must not have been attempted to mount and must not have been used.

7.5. After checking the goods, you will receive the money you have paid back. The cost of delivery of goods will not be reimbursed and are covered by the Buyer. The money for purchasing the goods will be repaid