The characteristics, specifications and prices of the Seller’s items are listed in the selection window for each of the relevant items on the website www.talsuriepas.lv. An order can be made at any time of the day using the www.talsuriepas.lv website.

To Perform an Order:

  • the “Add to Basket” button must be pressed on the item of interest.

  • to order the selected item, press on the purchasing basket icon at the top of the right, which displays information about the contents of the Buyer Procurement basket.

  • to complete the order, you must fill in the requested information about Buyer, select the type of delivery.

  • if you have changed your mind about purchasing the item, press the shopping basket icon at the top of the right, and then press the cross on the left side to close the product window.

  • An order for a distance contract is considered to have been received and completed when the Buyer has made the order payment via the Internet.