Tyre Studding

Standard Amount of Studs (100~140)

Type of studs: Price:
Standard studs (11mm) 10-12€/per tyre
Sports studs (13mm) 40-50€/per tyre (with glue).


If you have bought a set of winter tyres and decided that the tyres still need studs, the experienced specialists at “Talsu Riepas” will help!

What is Tyre Studding?

Tire studding is the process in which studs are shot into the tyre with a special stud-gun in the spaces provided (specified by the manufacturer). Only tyres with special spots for studs fitted in by the manufacturer can be studded. Not all winter tyres can be studded, so if you have decided that you want studs, please consult with our service’s technicians for the most suitable solution!

Stud sizes vary. The tyres are marked with the recommended size of the studs, and it is important to follow this recommendation. The right size of studs will ensure their optimal protrusion from the tyres. It is important that the studs are not too protruded or do not disappear into the surface of the tyre.

Do you often encounter icy roads? Improve the handling of your car by fitting tyres with studs! Studded winter tyres have a proven advantage over studless tyres: studded tyres ensure excellent grip on icy and heavily snowy roads, as well as provide safer driving on black ice!

The specialists of the service “Talsu Riepas” will advise and help you choose the most suitable type of studs for your car so that they would provide a stable and comfortable ride and last as long as possible.

We offer tyre studding with two types of studs – both for standard driving conditions (street, highway) with studs made by the French manufacturer “Ugigrip” and studs for amateur sports from the Gearman manufacturer “Sitek”. Make note that studding is only possible for new tyres that have factory-fitted spots for studs on them.

How long does tyre studding take?

On average, it takes 40 minutes to stud one set of tyres.


We recommend driving as smoothly as possible for the first 100-200 km after getting your tyres studded. It is also advised to avoid rapid acceleration, sharp turns, or sudden braking at this time so that the new studs have enough time to fit into the tyres correctly.

The tyre studs must not be removed by hand!

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